​K-9 Detection Services


Before you allow any company to use canines to inspect your home or business, you need to ask some questions:

 1. Are the dogs and handlers certified as a team? By whom? When were they last certified and how many verifiable years of canine bed bug detection do they have?
​ 2. Is there a conflict of interest?  Does the company also offer bed bug treatment? Are they trying to sell you an expensive bed bug treatment? Dog Inspectors does not treat for bed bugs. We use multiple high drive, toy trained dogs for each inspection. The experts at Dog Inspectors have years of experience in canine behavior and scent detection. Don't settle for less than the very best!

   Why use a Bed Bug Dog?

  1. Bed Bug Dogs are faster - our dogs can inspect a room in less than 5 minutes.
  2. A Bed Bug Dog can sniff behind walls, electric outlets, baseboards  under carpets and floors, furniture and electronic devices where human inspectors can not go.
  3. Bed Bug Dogs are non-invasive. The room does NOT have to be stripped down.
  4. Bed Bug Dogs save money. Early detection is the key to reducing the costs of treating a bed bug infestation.
  5. Detection Dogs are a proven technology used by law enforcement and the military for decades. Their use in law enforcement is admitted as evidence in any U.S.court of law.

Dogs are Honest! Dogs don't lie, they don't know how to. It's that simple.

Any of these reasons and others can be cause for concern that you may have brought home Bed Bugs. 

​The most effective and affordable way to determine whether or not you have bed bugs is to have the Dog Inspectors inspect your home before it's too late.

Residential Inspection
​Back from a recent trip? Hosted Overnight Guests?